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2017 Section W-3N Conclave Recap
Bryce Hanson
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2017 Section W-3N Conclave Recap

Come See Our Conclave!


Set at the base of the stunning Mount Lassen in California, the Section W-3N Conclave was easily the most exciting place to be last weekend. The event itself was at Camp Lassen, hosted by the Amangi Nacha lodge. Drawing over 400 Arrowmen from northern California and central Nevada, Arrowmen lined up for a weekend of service, fellowship, and an all-around great time.

The weekend kicked off with an incredibly smooth registration process, fueled by cheerful Arrowmen and adult volunteers. As the scouts checked in and were assigned campsites, staff began to set up an exciting midway of fun and games. With pounding music, fan favorites like spikeball, and a giant game of glow-in-the-dark capture the flag, the midway was sure to excite. By the time 11:30pm rolled around, all was quiet (except for the conclave staff, who were scrambling around to set up for the next day).

Saturday morning opened with beautiful weather, and National Chief Forrest Gertin officially started the conclave at the opening show. The four winds also appeared, bringing with them the theme: each one who comes to us. With that in mind, the participants went to their first period: training. With topics ranging from Delegation: the Keys to Success to How to Perform a Better Brotherhood Ceremony, no one was left out. In the next period, all Arrowmen got to experience the crown of the program: their crews. Each Arrowman had been randomly divided into one of fifteen crews, with a staff member as their guides and leader. Once the crews formed and played a few ice breakers, they were asked to elect a new crew leader from amongst themselves. These new leaders, voted in by their fellow Arrowmen and thrust into the seat of leadership, led a \prepared reflection of our Order: How has your definition of “brotherhood” changed? What is the meaning of “weld tightly every link”?

As they day wore on, scouts got to enjoy ATVs, shooting sports, crazy inflatable obstacle courses, and an awesome midway experience. The crews met up again to eat lunch together and provide hundreds of man-hours of service to Camp Lassen by revamping trails around the area. One highlight of the afternoon was a watermelon eating contest, where the final three got to pie their choice of the National Chief Forrest Gertin, the W-3N Section Chief Ryan Thomure, or the W-3S Section Chief Kyle Silligman during the closing show. In a twist ending, Forrest actually placed 3rd, and graciously gave his spot away to be pied by the 1st place finisher. Each lodge also ran a booth during the midway, ranging from sno-cones to a station teaching Arrowmen to play Magic: the Gathering.

Running concurrently to the midway was the pow-wow and ceremonies evaluations. Ceremonies teams had the opportunity to perform the pre-ordeal or brotherhood ceremony before a panel of evaluators, who gave feedback on how to perfect their ceremony. The pow-wow also drew large crowds, with three teepees and multiple different categories and levels of dance along with a full drum team.

As the daylight left the sky, all youth Arrowmen filed into the amphitheater for the Section elections officiated by Forrest Gertin. With a full ten votes from each lodge and a total of eight people running across the three positions, Andrew Zucker was elected the new Section Chief, Erik Carver the Vice Chief, and Bryce Hanson the Secretary. The evening ended with another crew reflection period and an exciting luau-themed cracker-barrel.

Sunday, the last day of conclave, wrapped up with the installation of the new Section Officers, as well as a new Section Associate Adviser, Michael Boggs. Once the officers were installed, the chiefs were pied, and the brotherhood circled up to sing, the Arrowmen were told the other half of the theme: each one who comes to us leaves the brotherhood stronger. Contemplating this, each scout traveled back to their home unit, taking with them a piece of conclave, for they had both made the brotherhood stronger and had become stronger themselves from when they had started.