Every year Section W-3N holds a live auction for Adult Arrowmen Saturday evening at Conclave. This year we are giving you a sneak peek at the items available at the 2017 Conclave!

Check out these awesome items from the Section W-3N Live Auction:

This gold bordered mylar patch was issued to members of the Council of Chiefs at the Two Rocks Section Conclave. This patch is one of the first that utilized the Section’s original logo. This item’s scarcity and sentimentality makes it an amazing addition to any patch collection or anyone who attended the event not on the CoC.

Also sporting the original section logo, this high quality watch was a special gift from the Section to all of the hardworking Arrowmen who served on the CoC for the Two Rocks Section Conclave.

One of our newer items, “Brotherhood at the Raceway” celebrated the 100th birthday of the Order of the Arrow. We are auctioning the complete centennial patch collection. Currently we are sold out of the chenille round and the CoC patch. Here’s your chance to get your hands on this unique collection!

Even rarer than the original set, the mylar bordered patch set was only given to 2015 Conclave sponsors. There are only FOUR sets in existence, get your hands on this rare set this year!

Last year we celebrated the OA’s second century. “The Phoenix Awakens” is the biggest patch set we have produced since 2014. Many of these exclusive patches are available on there own, however, here’s one of the last complete sets available.

In 2014, Section W-3N held “Ours is the Future.” Perhaps the most ambitious patch set ever, there are less than 50 sets in existence. We are auctioning off two of them at Conclave. One of these could be yours!

This 2012 patch set comes complete with an activity pins. A unique addition to this set, the activity pin was only awarded to Arrowmen who went above and beyond at the 2012 Conclave. This set comes complete with every patch from the event AND the pin.

Our 2013 patch set includes a mylar version of the round patch as well as the chenille round and the back patch. Each of these are complete with the Lord of the Rings theme: “One Arrow to Guide Us All.”

Be sure to stay tuned for more items at our live auction and if you haven’t already register for Conclave!

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