Western Region Area 3 recently hosted its first ACT Conference!

Whats ACT?

We’re glad you asked! The ACT conference is a program created by the OA back in 2019. The conference aims to teach Arrowmen leading their lodge how to adapt to certain scenarios, collaborate with other Arrowmen in their lodge, and ultimately Thrive! The ACT conference gives an opportunity for Arrowmen all around the nation to collaborate together and ultimately benefit their lodge, section, and even the nation.

This past weekend, Scouts from all around Area 3 learned how to benefit their lodges back at home. Through breakout exercises, training sessions, and learning from each other, these Scouts went home with even more knowledge to benefit their chapters, lodge, and section.

Many of the lodges in area 3 have big plans for the next year, with plans to become Thriving and High Performing lodges!