What is Conclave?

Conclave is an annual meeting of council delegates from Order of the Arrow lodges and one of the premier Scouting events of the year!  Conclave is intended to assist councils in developing and delivering more effective programs to support the overall mission of the Order of the Arrow.  All 5 Lodges from Section G17N will gather at a camp somewhere in our section from September 16 – 18 for a weekend full of fun, fellowship, shows, service, and more! Arrowmen will have opportunities to collaborate with Arrowmen from around the region and nation. 

When is it?

This year, the Section G17N Conclave will be held at a location to be decided from September 16 – 18.

Will There Be Food?

Yes! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided Saturday alongside breakfast Sunday. In addition, both Friday and Saturday night Arrowmen will have an opportunity to attend our themed cracker barrels which will both have fantastic food to keep our bellies full through the weekend. For our hungrier members, the trading post will have a variety of snacks for purchase throughout the weekend. 

Where Will Arrowmen be Sleeping?

Arrowmen will typically sleep in tents near the main part of the camp where most of the events are. Last year at Camp Herms, the scouts slept in an area down the hill from the midway/ shows area.

What Can Arrowmen Do at Conclave?

Conclave provides Arrowmen from around Section W-3N to come together for a weekend of learning, service, and fellowship. Come make friends from all across northern California and Nevada as we step into fellowship and explore the bright future of the Order of the Arrow. This year, Arrowmen will be able to indulge in a number of different activities for the adventurer in every scout.  We are offering innovative and informative training options this year. Delegates have the opportunity for fellowship and networking, to learn how to be more effective lodge leaders, to better understand ceremonies, and to learn about how other Section W-3N lodges operate. From the moment breakfast starts until the end of our Saturday night cracker barrel, Arrowmen will always have something to do and new experiences to explore.

What Should I Bring?

  • Medical Form Parts A & B
  • Personal Chair (a must)
  • Water Bottle (extra water)
  • Full Field Uniform (with sash)
  • Camping items (tent, chair, and sleeping essentials. Sleeping bag still needed if upgrading to a cabin)
  • Toiletries (a Scout is clean!)
  • Activity Uniform (Scouting shirt with shorts/pants)
  • Sun Protection (hat and sunscreen)
  • Battery Lantern and Flash Lights (for night time use)
  • Writing Items 
  • Phone/Tablet 
  • Cash (Trading Post and Snack Bar)
  • Patches (for trading and donations to the Section Auction)
  • Set of Work Gloves (For Service Project)
  • And most importantly, a fun and open attitude!