Meet your 2020-2021 Section Leadership!

Section Officers

Erik Carver Aditya Sriram Landon Reese
Your 2021 Section Chief Erik Carver is an eagle scout and Vigil Honor Arrowman from Petaluma, CA, representing Orca Lodge Your 2021 Section Vice Chief Aditya Sriram is an eagle scout and Vigil Honor Arrowman from American Canyon, California, representing Yerba Buena Lodge Your 2021 Section Secretary Landon Reese is an eagle scout and Vigil Honor Arrowman from Windsor, California, representing Orca Lodge

Past Section Leadership

YearChiefAdviserConclave LocationMessage
2008 -2009  
Jake Knudson
Keith Coombs  
2009 – 2010Ben LeroyKeith Coombs  
2010-  2011
Gabe McHugh
Keith Coombs  
2011 – 2012
William “Joe” Barton IV, Andrew MacBeth
Larry FrithCamp Marin SierraFirm Bound in Brotherhood
2012 – 2013Michael KintscherLarry FrithChurchill County FairgroundsOne Arrow to Guide Us All
2013 – 2014
Michael Kintscher, Zachary Crosley
Larry FrithSolano County FairgroundsOut There is Our Future
2014 – 2015Michael SwalbergLarry FrithSonoma RacewayBrotherhood at the Raceway
2015- 2016Vincent DespainLarry FrithSolano County FairgroundsThe Phoenix Awakens
2016 – 2017Ryan ThomureDr. Joe BartonCamp LassenEach One Who Comes to Us
2017 – 2018
Andrew Zucker
Dr. Joe BartonCamp Sierra PinesStep Into Fellowship

2018 – 2019
Ryan ThomureDr. Joe BartonCamp HermsYour Next Chapter Awaits

Bryce Hanson Dr. Joe Barton OnlineCastOA


Ryan Cooley

Patrick O’Neil

Coast Guard Island