Amangi Nacha

Chief: Jackson Reid Adviser: John Ganaway

In 1992, the Buttes Area Council, Golden Empire Council and the Mount Lassen Area Council merged as a result of Western Region reorganization. The new Council was given the name of “Golden Empire Council”. Along with this merger, the three lodges associated with those councils: Kowaunkamish Lodge, Mayi Lodge, and Tehama Lodge became Amangi Nacha lodge. This event was commemorated by a 150-scout service project at the Beale Air Force Base. Since then, Amangi Nacha has been a powerhouse, covering the second largest geographic area of W-3N and bringing hundreds of Arrowmen to the section conclave. Learn more at


Chief: Erik Carver Adviser: Brian Wills

Orca Lodge is the product of the merger of two lodges, Mow-A-Toc and Cabrosha. In 1994, these two lodges merged to become Orca Lodge of the Redwood Empire Council. In its relatively short history, Orca has received the National Service Grant, National Service Award, and has seen three of its lodge members recognized with Distinguished Service Awards. Learn more at


Chief: Alex Perry Adviser: Kenn Moynihan

Nestled just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, Marin Council is home to Talako Lodge.  Founded in 1958, Talako is the smallest lodge in W-3N, home to around 100 hardworking Arrowmen. “Talako” means “the high eagle”, and thus Talako Lodge’s totem is the bald eagle. Learn more at


Chief: Austin Hawkins Adviser: Ross Armstrong

Tannu Lodge of the Nevada Area Council began as a council honor society known as the Tribe of Nacopen in the mid-1930s at the original Camp Fleischmann near Silver Lake, California. Tannu is massive. Geographically we represent 109,000 square miles. We stretch from the Idaho state line and south to the northern boundary of Area 51 and Yucca Mountain. In 1946, the Tribe of Nacopen officially became Wiyaka Lodge, 346. Our totem is the pronghorn antelope. Our council changed the name from Wiyaka to Tannu Lodge, 346 in 1961. Learn more at

Yerba Buena

Chief: Adi Siriram Adviser: Mary Chong

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